The Dark World Saga

Are you ready to step into the Dark World Saga and solve the mysteries hidden within its pages?

Come, discover a world where the romance of The Princess Bride mixes with the paranormal elements of Supernatural and Grimm. Explore books steeped with symbolism, folklore, and religion. Discover the darkness that hides in all of us and learn of the mystical connection which binds five seemingly unrelated characters together. 

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Sometimes death is only the beginning

Trapped between worlds, Yekaterina’s soul wonders the countryside between Moscow and the village she died in. She’s searching for answers, clues as to what happened the night a cloaked figure stole her life. But most of all, she’s searching for her fiancé, Victor, who disappeared the night of their death.

This is a ritual Katya has repeated for over a century, hoping to be reunited with her lost love. After years of coming up with nothing she has all but given up hope when she spots him, a man with an uncanny resemblance to her Victor. Compelled to follow the man home, Yekaterina discovers not only the fate of her lover but an entire world of darkness as an ancient God makes a play for their souls.

Does Katya have what it takes to save their souls, or will they both be lost in the Dark Master’s domain?

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The Metamorphosis of Twilight

The fate of the world rests in her paws

 Less than six months after the events in Russia, the Worm has found a new way to escape. A magic seal is breaking in Colorado, and there is only one person left to close it, except, she’s not exactly human.

Since getting orphaned as a cub, Twilight Melody has spent most her life being cared for by a local tribe. Now the time has come for her to repay the favor. With the help of four companions, Twilight will transform into a human and venture into unfamiliar territory to look for a mystic key. But as she’s about to discover human emotions and social interactions are far from what she was expecting. Seeing Twilight Melody conflicted by her new feelings, the Dark Master will attempt to use that against her as he struggles to break free.

Does Melody Have what it takes to fulfill her duty and save mankind, or will the Worm finally be set free?

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 Dark World: Genesis (Coming December 2019)

Alexandra Hamilton is a pure-blooded white mage in the kingdom of Manevia. According to the rules of her people, she must marry a man of her father’s choosing and continue the line of pure-bloods. However, Alexandra never felt right about these rules, not only because she’s fond of the grey population of mages, but also because she never fit in with the mage elite. Always questioning her existence in the world Alex never felt as though she belongs, not until she meets Jay, an enigmatic single father with a shady past.

As Alexandra gets to know Jay and his little boy, she grows closer to them, vowing to protect them at any cost. What she doesn’t know is that neighboring rivals are threatening to unravel her secrets and destroy everything she holds dear. As mysteries about her past slowly come to light Alex will need to choose between her love for Jay and the obligations she has to her family.