A Jilted Woman- Nadia's Story

September 13, 1849


I met the cutest boy today. I’m sure I’ve seen him around the village before, but I didn’t notice him until today.  I was on my way home from fetching water when a stray dog attacked me. I fell to the ground, dropping my bucket. Too afraid to move I set there as the beast continued to snarl at me. I thought for sure it was going to kill me when he ran up and chased it way with a stick. He said his name was Victor as he helped me up off the ground and offered to help me get more water. The breeze tousled his brown hair and his green eyes sparked in the sunlight. I was so drawn to him that I couldn’t refuse. Not only did Victor help me get more water, but he carried it home for me the whole way. I offered a drink to him, but he said he had to run, he was late to meet up with his friend. I was sad to let him go, but what else could I do. Still. I can’t seem to get Victor off my mind.


September 15, 1849


I saw Victor again today. He was hanging out with some girl. She wore a plain green dress and had long black hair. He eyes were the most brilliant shade of blue I have ever seen. I think she is the daughter of the lonely Blacksmith down the road, but I can’t be sure. I wanted to say hello, but something held me back. The way he looked at her, and how his face lit up when she spoke to him gave me pause. I envied the girl so much in that moment, and for some reason I really wanted to be her. I ran home as fast as I could after that and cried into my pillow for over an hour. I don’t know why I care so much, but I think I may have developed feelings for Victor.


May 4, 1851


I saw that girl that Victor always hangs around with today, Katya. She was sitting under a willow tree by the riverbank reading some silly book. What kind of 6-year-old likes to read books, anyway? But she was all alone, and I wanted to make friends with her, I really did. I even approached her and asked her if she wanted to play with me. She looked up from the pages of her tome and blinked at me with those deep blue eyes. Then, she had the nerve to tell me she was too busy reading but thanked me, anyway. It’s her loss, really. Someone of her status could do with some friends in high places, but I guess she thinks she’s too good for me or something. Maybe it’s because she gets to have Victor’s undivided attention and thinks she has secured herself a man for the future. Either way, I won’t bother trying to talk to her anymore. Instead, I’ll try to get Victor to notice me for once.


April 21, 1854


Today I had put on my best pink summer dress and made up my golden locks into pigtails tied with matching pink ribbons. All the girls commented on how lovely I looked, but Victor didn’t even seem to notice. Not one to give up, I approached him and asked him to the dance next week, but he told me he already had someone else in mind. After school I asked him if he wanted to come over to my house, but he told me he had things to do today. He always seems to have things to do when I ask him out, but when Katya asks him for anything, he drops everything to go to her.

Speaking of Katya. The girls and I saw her today too. She was walking down the dirt road in a worn grey smock with another book tucked to her chest. The girls started calling her names, but she continued to walk without saying a word. She just kept looking at her feet while she walked. Then, out of nowhere, Yuliya picked up an apple and chucked it at her. The fruit hit Katya square in the head with a loud smack and Yuliya preceded to tell her she should have been dead with her mother. There was malice in her brown eyes, and I could see Katya’s eyes well up with tears before she turned her head and ran away from us.

I felt terrible for what happened and took after her to apologize. As much as I hated Katya, she didn’t deserve what Yuliya did to her, no one did. I had almost caught up to her when she ran past her house. I knew she headed for Victor’s, but I followed her anyhow.

Victor was throwing hay into a pile when Katya ran up to him, dropping her book on the ground, and collapsing on her knees in tears. Upon seeing her, Victor dropped his pitchfork and ran up to her, dropping to the ground and wrapping her up in his embrace.

I hid in the bushes and watched as he asked her what happened, and she recalled what Yuliya did to her. Shaking his head, Victor lifted her chin up and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He told her that for what it was worth, he was glad she was alive and that she was beautiful, even when crying. I felt my heart sink to the ground upon hearing this. Why her? What does Victor see in that plain, boring girl? I slinked away from Victor’s stables while simmering under my breath. And now, hours later, I still can’t seem to get over how he only has eyes for her. The thought of it makes my heart hurt, and I’m not sure I can get over it.


February 18, 1859


It finally happened. I knew it was only a matter of time, and yet, knowing it would happen still doesn’t lessen the pain. Victor started courting Katya today.  I walk upon the two of them when Victor asked her, and she blushed the most brilliant shade of pink as she agreed. I guess I can see why Victor loves her so much. She has grown into quite the lovely young woman. Her supple breasts, her pale skin, her raven hair, rosy lips, and sapphire eyes make all the boys go wild. Not that she notices any of the boys as she is always reading a book or journal. I’m surprised she has the time to notice Victor, but I guess she always has noticed him. Seems as if the two of them are destined to be together, so I guess it’s best I let Victor go. After all, he hasn’t acknowledged me in the same way he does her since we met ten years ago. So, from now on, I will give up on Victor and let my heart heal until I find someone who is just as good if not better than him.


August 8, 1862


I know I said I would give up on Victor, and for the last three years I have. I have even allowed Boris to court me a year and a half ago. I thought Boris would be the one to break this spell Victor has over me, but I guess I was wrong. Tonight, life reminded me of just how strong of a pull that man has on me.

It was such a good day to. Boris gave a bouquet of freshly picked flowers and we had a wonderful time getting to know each other. I even heard him ask my father for my hand in marriage. I was so excited that I decided to take a long evening walk. That’s when I spotted them, Katya and Victor, getting into his stables.

I was curious as to what a young couple could be up to this late at night, all alone, in a secluded stable, so I stayed in the tree line and watched. It seemed innocent at first, they just sat there, looking up at the sky together. But then, he started to kiss her neck and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head with a playful smile, and he pressed her down on the hay as he kissed her with the passion I could only dream of.

I thought it would end there, but then their clothing started to come off. Gasping, I watched as the two of them made love in that hay. The way he caressed her body and kissed her made my body grow hot. I wanted that to be me. The desire of his body pressed against mine overcame me and I couldn’t bare the wretched sensation in my heart any longer. I ran from that spot as fast as I could, not looking back. Even as I sit here now, I feel my desire for Victor returning. I want him to love me the way he loves her, and I can’t possibly love another man the way I do him.


July 27, 1864


It’s been almost two years since I broke things off with Boris. Two years since I have resorted to getting Victor to be with me. But nothing has worked. Then, today, him and Katya came back from a trip to Moscow and announced their engagement. Of all the rotten things that could have happened today, this takes the cake. I knew they were doing sinful acts, and I knew how he worshipped the ground she walked on, but I never expected this. No, this won’t stop me from getting Victor. I’ll just have to think up of a way to break the two of them up.


October 3, 1864


Today I outright asked Victor to break things off with Katya. I tried to reason with that stubborn fool. I told him how it would be better if he married someone more to his family’s status, but he refused to hear me. He told me he only loved Katya and he would die before he would consider anyone else. Well, I guess that can be arranged. I will stop at nothing to have him. I just have to find a way to make him mine. Maybe I can find a love potion to make him fall for me. I just need to find a gypsy and ask her to make me some concoction. Problem is, I don’t know where any of the gypsies are, but no matter, I will figure this out. Victor will be mine, no matter what it takes.


October 30, 1864


I got lucky tonight. A caravan of gypsies was passing through our town, and Yuliya told me where to find their camp in the woods. I waited for my parents to fall asleep before sneaking out through my window. The moon was in its dying stage tonight and I had a hard time navigating through the thick forest. But I found the caravan of sorcerers after an hour of being lost in the woods. Their colorful wagons stood in a circle around a campfire. They regarded me with a high degree of suspicion, but I was undeterred. I showed them my coin pouch and told them I will pay handsomely for a potion and they directed me to a yellow wagon with crimson trim.

I knocked on the door and waited. Growing impatient, I was about to knock again when the door swung open and an old crone in a bright green skirt greeted me. She colorful scarf laid across her shoulder, and a dark black scarf covering her head. She gave me a toothless smile as her black eyes trailed to my coin pouch. Ushering me inside, she sat me down on the couch, and asked me what I wanted.

As soon as I was done telling her about my predicament with Victor and asking her for a love potion, the old woman cackled at my request. The old hag told me no such thing exists for nothing can undo what fate had chosen. But she told me that for a fair price she could give me a spell to talk to someone who could help. Not willing to give up on having Victor I gave her all the money I had, in exchange for instructions on how to summon an ancient god who might be willing to land me his power. I have to wait a few days before preforming the spell, but it’s all right. Soon, I will have the power to make Victor mine, and that is all that matters to me.


November 4, 1864


I summoned the devil last night, and he offered me his power. I hesitated at first, but my desire for Victor overtook me. The devil offered me not only Victor, but eternal life, and in exchange all I had to give him was my soul, and murder Katya.  I didn’t hesitate to say yes, and he tore me apart as he extracted my soul, turning me into an undead creature of the night. He made me a monster who relies on human blood to survive, but it seems like a small sacrifice to pay to have Victor.

Since I changed, my hair has turned white and my eyes too, not to mention the sun burns my skin. It forced me to leave my home and move to the city where the prey is more plentiful. I stole some money from my parents and bought a modest mansion for myself to live in. I still have reservations about killing Katya, but I guess it’s too late to turn back. Plus, if I don’t kill her, I’ll never break the hold she has on Victors heart. Soon, she will be gone, and he will belong to me. This is what the master has promised me, and this is what I’m choosing to believe.


December 3, 1864


My hands are still shaking from last night, but I did it, I got rid of Katya and bonded Victor to me. At first, I did not think I could do it, but when I saw them together, embracing outside the church, I knew what had to be done. So, once she turned around to face me, I did not hesitate to pull the trigger.  The bullet pierced her chest, and she was dead within minutes, I doubt she stood a fighting chance. Poor Victor was so distraught when she collapsed in his arm. He tried to stop the bleeding, but it was useless, so he ran to fetch help, that’s when I got him.

It was difficult to stab Victor. My hands kept shaking as the dagger went in his chest and his blood seeped out onto my hand. I could see the look of pain, and terror in his eyes as they went wide at having recognized me. I let his body drop to the ground, and I watched as he tried to crawl his way back to that little wench. They stretched their arms out to one another, but then, Victor passed out from the loss of blood.

There was not much time left, and I had to act quick. Master promised me that if I turned him into a vampire that it would bond him to me, and it would wipe his memory of the night clean. I lifted his head and pried open his cold lips before slitting my hand and letting my black blood slip down his throat. Within moments his eyes shot open and his body started convulsing in my arms as his canines grew into fangs. His transformation was complete, and I carried him to the sleigh to bring him back home. Katya was almost dead when I left, and the Master went to collect her blood as I headed for the city with my new man.

Back at my house, I waited for Victor to wake up. When he did, he recalled nothing of what transpired outside that good forsaken church. I lied and told him a stranger killed him and Katya. I said I was able to save him by turning him into a vampire, but I could not get to Katya in time. He thought I was lying, but I showed him his appearance and allowed him to drink some blood before he accepted his fate. Still, he didn’t believe Katya was dead, so I told him to go back and see for himself. He left for Dedinovo earlier tonight, and once he sees her corpse, he will have no choice but to be back.

I’m not sure how long it will take for Victor to get over Katya and come to his senses, but Master promises me that Victor has no choice but to come back. So, I will sit here and wait for however long it takes. I’ve already waited 15 years for him, so what’s a few more. After all, we have an eternity to get acquainted with one another, and Victor isn’t going anywhere.