The Saga Begins

What if I told you the world you live in is merely an illusion, you’d call me crazy, wouldn’t you? Yet this is the world a few individuals find themselves thrust into as they open their eyes to reality for the first time. This world, the real one, is full of supernatural beings confined to the darkest corners of our imagination. They wage an ultimate war between good and evil as creatures on both sides of the line try their best to survive. The Dark World Saga follows five seemingly unrelated women as they discover the true nature of the battle around them. As invisible ties slowly become evident one thing becomes clear…losing is not an option. 

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 Can their love defy death?

Yakaterina Orlova was only nineteen when an unknown assailant claimed the lives of her and her fiancé one cold December night in a remote Russian village. For the last one-hundred-fifty-three years, her spirit has been wondering, searching for Victor. Never did she expect to find him alive, let alone living as an unholy beast in Moscow. But reuniting with her lost love isn’t going to be the fairy tale she expected as dangerous foe is attempting to make his mark on their world.


The Metamorphosis of Twilight (Coming Summer 2019)

What does it mean to be human?

At first glance, Twilight Melody is a typical Mexican grey wolf domesticated by people. Except she is anything but typical, she is a werewolf born during the Blood Moon. Her destiny has been sealed since the moment she unleashed her supernatural powers, one which she is about to fulfill. With the Worm threatening to break through in Colorado, Twilight Melody needs to close the gate with the help of the stone she’s been guarding for over three-hundred years. Joined by a band of unlikely companions Twilight is going to learn what being human truly means as she struggles to fulfill her duty.


 Dark World Genesis (Coming December 2019)

Alexandra Hamilton is a pure-blooded white mage in the kingdom of Manevia. According to the rules of her people, she must marry a man of her father’s choosing and continue the line of pure-bloods. However, Alexandra never felt right about these rules, not only because she’s fond of the grey population of mages, but also because she never fit in with the mage elite. Always questioning her existence in the world Alex never felt as though she belongs, not until she meets Jay, an enigmatic single father with a shady past.

As Alexandra gets to know Jay and his little boy, she grows closer to them, vowing to protect them at any cost. What she doesn’t know is that neighboring rivals are threatening to unravel her secrets and destroy everything she holds dear. As mysteries about her past slowly come to light Alex will need to choose between her love for Jay and the obligations she has to her family.